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BUsiness branding creation

When you decide to avail our service, you will get one of the basic requirements in business, the creation of your own branding.


Create written versions of audio or video recordings, meetings, and conversations. Involves listening to audio and translating it into long-form text, reviewing drafts of written transcriptions.


Social Media is one of the platforms where you can interact with your followers and potential customers. JG Virtual Associate can assist you on creating your accounts, optimizing and managing it.


JG Virtual Associate can also help you to plan, manage and market your social media accounts. Since majority of our Customers were using online, Business Owners must think of ways on how to market their business also online.

Social Media posting schedule

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT and Schedule posting

If people are the heartbeat of social media, content is the blood. It’s your content that people see and respond to, and that communicates your values and messages. JG Virtual Associate can help you create contents that is relevant to your business.


JG Virtual Associate can also help you create Organic Campaign in Marketing Your Business, to be able to get your customers come to you naturally over time.

Jan Edwin - Virtual Assistant

Website creation

Having your own website is needed so clients can easily see your products or services offered. I can help you create and maintain your website.

seo - assessment, analysis and plan

JG Virtual Associate can check and analyze your website to see which areas of the needs improvement and optimization..

SEO assesment, analysis and plan
SEO on-page optimization

SEo on-page optimization

The process of optimizing anything on your on-site, you will optimize your title tags by focusing on keywords. Another one is optimizing meta description, heading, and many more. An effective on-page optimization shows a website structure that is easy for search engines to crawl and build a sitemap. I can help you optimize your website.

seo off-page optimization

It's a way of optimizing the back end of your site. It focuses on inbound links coming from other websites. In other words, your site will gain confidence when you are using links from other sites with authority. I can help you promote your website.

SEO off-page optimization